Bakery & Confectionery

Our high quality, high strength paper bags are available in Kraft and Bleach Kraft paper. The bags are specifically manufactured to ensure high weight carrying capacity of more than 3 Kg distributed weight. Water based inks & High Quality adhesives are used in manufacturing making bags safe, hygienic & odorless.

We have standard sizes of Paper bags for carrying Cakes & Pastry Box.

The bags can be customized in various sizes and design depending on client specifications.

*We also have stock of unprinted bags in various size of ready dispatch.

Food Bags are printed & pasted via water based inks & adhesives respectively which are absolutely nontoxic & odorless. It's the latest offering in the market & a economical solution for keeping Burgers, patties, Burger Box etc.

  • Innovative product that enables easy packing and clean eating of burgers, patties. It can be used to pack burger, patties, pretzel etc.
  • Made in 40gsm food grade/grease resistant paper making it safe for food contact applications.
  • We offer a complete range of sizes of paper pouches/lifaffas made of high strength / food grade / grease resistant paper.
  • Any oily item can be packed in Pouches with no/grease oil spots.
  • Clean look and high strength are key advantages.
  • Food grade, Grease resistant paper ensures no grease spots…
  • Wrap burgers, kathi rolls, chapatis…